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The 10 Best New Balance Walking Shoes with Cushioning and Shock Absorption

Although you might affectionately think of it as the ultimate dad shoe brand, New Balance is a standard-bearer for practical lifestyle and athletic footwear, which the brand has designed since the early 1900s. Since then, New Balance has developed an aesthetic all its own—and offers both ultracomfy and super stylish walking shoes.

Walking shoes should provide comfort and support while minimizing foot pain and issues like plantar fasciitis. New Balance’s walking shoes generally have thick, cushioned midsoles that absorb impact, as well as well-designed footbeds that provide arch support (although some of their models are more minimal). They also suit many foot types: Most models come in standard and wide sizing, while specific sneakers range from narrow to XX-wide.

If it’s not evident by their ability to mass appeal to a diverse audience of dads and fashion icons, New Balance shoes are worth a try for anyone who loves walking. Here are our top picks for the best New Balance walking shoes for long strolls, grocery shopping, dog walking, and everything in between.

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