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The New Naomi Osaka Nike Collection Just Dropped—Here’s What to Shop

Naomi Osaka’s Nike collection that dropped on May 16 is a reprieve from dull single-purpose activewear. Naomi Osaka is our current cover star, so we were ecstatic to learn about this new collection. Informed by Osaka’s own sense of style and design, this Nike collection features corset hoodies, cropped tees, a utility vest, and a particularly cool (yet comfy looking) bodysuit. And as striking as each piece is on its own, the collection is surprisingly versatile in how you can mix and match the items depending on your plans.

“I designed it in a way that can be easily styled together with different pieces, so I want people to enjoy the styling process when they’re putting together their looks,” Osaka said in a statement. “I also think a lot of the silhouettes and color scheme feel really bold and empowering, so I hope people also feel strong when they wear it.”

Whether you’re heading to the tennis court, hitting the gym, or just taking a walk outside, these pieces offer a wide range of layering options and eye-catching color combinations to suit your preferences and activities. (We’re particularly partial to the pops of orange you can find throughout the collection.)

You can even wear some of the clothes like the Naomi Osaka Women’s Long-Sleeve Mock-Neck Top backward or forwards, collar up or down. True to the intentions behind this collection, all that versatility is by Osaka’s design. “I really wanted to think of ways to make the collection feel more universally wearable for everyone,” she stated. “A main goal was to create pieces that felt genderless.”

If you’re shopping for a few fresh pieces to wake up your activewear wardrobe for the summer months (or if you just want to emulate Osaka’s dual passion for sports and pop-culture-infused style), look no further than this latest collaboration between Osaka and Nike. You’ll find gear that’s built for performance, fun, and self-expression in equal measures.

Shop select items from the Naomi Osaka Nike collection below, and visit Nike to keep up with new additions—like this printed hat and pair of shorts—coming soon.


Naomi Osaka Women’s Vest


Naomi Osaka Women’s Corset Hoodie


Naomi Osaka Women’s Cropped Tennis Top


Naomi Osaka Women’s Printed Bodysuit


Naomi Osaka Women’s Long-Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt


Naomi Osaka Women’s Long-Sleeve Mock-Neck Top

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